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tv   Field Report With Paola Ramos  MSNBC  August 7, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>. >> [speaking spanish] ♪ ♪ ♪ hi everyone,, with all eyes on washington, and the question of who holds power in america, the upcoming votes will come down to key battleground states. right, now latinos are the largest minority voting blocks, and where the most misunderstood communities in the country. yes, the majority vote democrat, but in 2020 there is a notable shift to the republican party. with the future of our democracy in the balance, i wanted to find out what is fueling that rightward shift in latino communities across the country. to have a conversation about all these things straight ahead, but first, this field report from florida.
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>> thank you. as you can imagine, politics is a total blood support -- >> the reason i'm a republican, it's because those are my values of human being, i think that's resonating with other hispanics as well. >> how many of you voted for trump in 2020? >> i'm not scared to say that i voted for trump. >> but i already voted for obama. >> the biggest misconception is that latinos are supposedly democrats. >> my first language was spanish, i'm definitely not a white supremacist. we have a right to be there in protest. >> he is the best damn president in u.s. history. >> do you believe that the 2020 election was stolen? >> yes, i believe that president trump won that election, and i believe that voter fraud occurred. to me, 2020 was the political awakening. >> your children are not safe
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amid school systems. >> he's me man. >> i don't have anything against the lgbtq community at all, i don't think the kids should have it pushed on them. >> all right lately -- >> it's our always socialism, socialism, socialism. it makes people that were once not extreme, extreme. >> so we're in florida right now, a state that donald trump held onto in 2020 image part because of latino voters. in the state, there are approximately 17% of the electorate and we think these
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voters, we think about these numbers, we typically think of latinas as the natural democratic and liberal voters. but the story in this state starts to paint a very different picture about who latino voters actually are. all right guys, wish me luck >> my bullhorn. >> can you guys hear me? >> this is an up paulina luna
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who's running for congress in -- the most competitive primary races in the state. >> thank you so much for everyone who came out today, to do this -- . last cycle i think we knocked over 6000 or 7000 doors, just myself and voter contact has been really important for the primaries. that's ultimately how you do it it takes face to face interaction, i have to get someone in person. >> anna paulina is a second generation american mexican, an air force veteran, and a republican. she already has the endorsement of donald trump, and if she wins the primary, she is hoping to flip the seat that is currently held by democratic congressman charlie crist who's running for governor. >> -- upwards of 64%, so as you can imagine.
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national polls suggest that she has the wind of her back, not just as a candidate, but as a latina conservative. recent polling is giving democrats reason for alarm, even though joe biden got at least 60% of the luciano vote in 2020. in this year's midterm elections, latino support for democrats appears to be shrinking. in one poll, just 39% said they would send a democrat to congress. so if latinas continue to break with democrats, and what does that mean for a party that is banking on the growing latino electorate. >> people have many cream preconceived notions of who you, are as many built-in arid ifs. what it means to be a latina republican, how do you fight against that? >> one is the, i think, we -- weirdest things i heard, or disenfranchising things i heard, that is from a reporter from a reputable news outlet, who said that how are you hispanic if you're white? my response was am i supposed
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to look like speedy gonzalez and run around with some burrow, is that means to be hispanic to you? but the fact is, that has been a narrative those credit by the media, whatever media is contributing to that, that's there. >> speaking of assumptions, right. obviously, there's a assumption that many of these are democrats, i want you described yourself as democrats. i pointed you swap? >> i will say that once i realized platforms of obama, and knowing what my values systems are, and actually sat down and thought about it, i realize that that was not my platform, and so i actually registered as a republican, and voted republican for the first time in 2016. >> we anna paulina want to mobilize latinas in her part of florida to ship to the right, so she did. latino identity is a monolithic, and increasingly, that is true of their politics as well. >> i really don't consider
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myself an immigrant, we can axios. we it's a different connotation, emigrant in political exiles. >> based on your comment, would you identify as a hispanic, cuban american descended of immigrants, or how do you both identify? >> on the wheel senses that same await hispanic. >> i identify as hispanic. >> that's so interesting, right? it's part of our community, we look many different ways, we have many different backgrounds. >> but i don't identify as white i identifies latino hispanic, that resonates with me. the skin color doesn't -- >> i was just gonna say, but because for a lot of people white means americans. >> white, latinos, or his fan owes, regardless of how they identify they are the largest minority voting bloc in the
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country. so, it matters that they shifted nearly ten points to the right through in the last presidential election. >> are you seeing this trend increasing among latinos? more latino democrats going to republicans? >> absolutely. i will tell you but the reason why they're such a massive shifts with the hispanic demographic, one, goes back to the value systems. many hispanics align with julio christian value system. the reason i'm a republican, and a conservative, is because those are my values as a human being. that is how i was raised, and i think that's resonated with other hispanics as well. >> how many of you identify as latino or stefanik? >> i think all of us. >> how many of you voted for trump in 2020? >> i'm not scared to say that i did. >> i also voted for obama.
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>> in 2021, -- jimenez began the president of moms for liberty chapter. >> she goes to school board meetings to protest -- race and identity. >> my name is eulalia jimenez, i'm the chair of the miami-dade -- the rain to talk a bit as we can discuss today's large, but i trust that there's more pants present, and those topics are going to be discussed, as we go further along. so i'd like to take the opportunity to blast our page, moms for liberty miami. we are here to serve parents, inform parents, empower parents. your children are not safe in the school system. >> excuse me, man. address the board about school related issues, this is not can be a platform to advocate for any political organization, it's not gonna happen. -- >> it's not a political
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organization, it's an organization to give parents information. >> several times a month, eulalia jimenez, meets with their local chapter. and my kids learn about lgbtq and they're in school, is at the top of her agenda. >> if a child middle school, high school, whatever, has a sexual inclination, that is accepted in welcomes and we will maneuver that as needed. with parental involvement, the teachers, the counselors, it's a team effort. however, there does not need to be this agenda pushed on a little kindergartners, that is just going to school to play. to learn their shapes and their colors. >> i was just thinking about, how the kids that do have their confused, or they are gay, or whatnot, they're way that they're trying to go about it, is to make an open conversation and open thing in classrooms.
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but for example kids with autism down syndrome, they have to have special counselor's, they have to be put into separate classrooms. i understand, because it's a different type of education for children with those disabilities. but i think, for children that identify differently, there should also be a specialized something for them, so they feel that there are important now, but they are being counseled. >> you don't have that conversation they explain in front of everyone. >> i think the same reason that teachers want to bring a child and find the cause and say he has autism. >> it is embarrassing about being gay? >> it's not that it's embarrassing, but i'm sure you understand, a lot of kids that are young and -- some of them feel ashamed. >> because they can talk about it in the classrooms. >> which i understand but there's just a way to go about
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it. that everybody is expected. >> they make espresso machines that make it, but it's never the same. >> for eulalia jimenez, this fight is personal, as a daughter of cuban exiles. she said her father's warnings about communism are becoming a reality in the u.s., and as one of the reasons she took her youngest kids out of school. >> i have six kids in total, the two little ones are currently home schooling, i pulled them out of school in 2020. there is a lot going on, but 2020 for me was -- i like to call my political awakening. i've never been politically inclined, every, my father was, so i grew up hearing about a lot to do with politics. possible communist takeover, and all this craziness, but in my mind i was taught, this is my dad and his trauma, from
8:13 pm
being a political prisoner. so i wish i'd away from that,, actually resented it. but i feel in 2020 there is no denying what's going on, and for me it hit most with the children. >> where they learning here that they're not learning in school? >> for me, it's safety, so that i know that they are not going to learn certain positions. >> like what? >> for example, i have no nothing against the lgbtq community, at all. i don't think the kids should have a pushed on them. >> and she isn't just taking her message to local school boards, she's also taking it to the highest levels of power in the state. >> that was so good, thank you. >> a relationship we witnessed firsthand, when the phone rang at our home. >> should i get that? so you only pay for what you need.
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of introducing the combatant of critical race theory -- a champion for parental rights, and our warrior for florida. ladies and gentlemen, please stand your feet for the best governor in the nation, governor ron desantis. >> when republican governor ron desantis and bounced his plan to stop florida kids, from learning too much about america's history of race and racism, he brought special guests. >> all right lanny, where are you? >> right here. we thank you governor, thank you so much. you can butcher my name anytime. >> eulalia jimenez, the leader of the manly moms for liberty, is part of the rightward shift of the latina electorate, she's
8:19 pm
also an ally of ron desantis, and a big supporter of the stock act which restricted discussions of race and workplaces and schools. >> remember, a lot of things with kids, especially the younger kids happen subliminally. worksheets have them, where there are certain words slavery, black history, certain key words that are constantly, i'm not talking about one day, or one week, where one month, it is a constant display of this, that's an agenda in itself. >> in today's america, do you believe that racism has been solved? do you believe that it's no longer part of the everyday dynamic of this country? >> i believe right now, there is racism, but it's no longer, for example, white on black racism. now it's the reverse, you know? it's to wear white children, or
8:20 pm
latino children, or whatever culture is the flavor of the month, maybe, or the week, depending on the school and their agenda. but now is the flip. now there is racism, but it's like oh your white? well, you have to pay me. you have to pay the price, because your white. >> eulalia also sees eye to eye with the santas on another key piece of policy. when the critics call, don't say gay bill, because it restricts classroom instruction around lgbtq issues. >> oh my god it's a governor's office. should i get that? >> and the governor's office actually called us about it, while we are over at her house. >> that's pretty cool. >> is that governor desantis? >> yes, looking for some -- putting together a possible conversation about the new legislation that is just taking place. >> the florida parental rights education? >> parental rights and
8:21 pm
education. >> does the governor's office see moms for liberty as a means to politically mobilize the community? just, like how common are these types of calls and conversations between you guys? >> i feel as though the governor is a genuine for the people governor. and, because of the fact that these bills, and certain legislation is been politicized, i believe he is trying to i guess, portray that this is really not political. it shouldn't be political. >> we asked the governor's office about that call, and the relationship with eulalia. they told us, in part, we support parents everywhere, who stand up for the right to be involved in their kids education. as firmness eulalia jimenez, our offense has been in contact with her, to invite her, and other moms in the miami-dade chapter of moms for liberty, to
8:22 pm
a couple of our press conferences on k through 12 education. just days after we witnessed some of that outrage, desantis signed the parental rights law into law. >> it's a bill that lays out many different things, among them, it specifically lays out that it's prohibited to instruct about sexual orientation, and gender identity. k through third grade. do you think that's correct? >> i believe that children should have the right to be children, and go to school, and just be kids without having to worry about sexuality. in those measures especially. i no point in time did i go to school, at no point in time than anybody lecture me and say oh, you need to be straighter you need to be gay. that didn't need to be a discussion, that wasn't a discussion. and i turned out perfectly fine. same thing with my children. and no point in time but is
8:23 pm
there a straight agenda discussed or pushed on them, or an lgbtq agenda. again, i want to make sure that it's clear that it's not that i have anything whatsoever against the gay community. >> you keep saying agenda, as if people are trying to make other kids gay, when in fact many lgbtq advocates, and many teachers and students are simply saying, what is wrong with discussing lgbtq people at the same way that heterosexual people are exposed? >> let me ask you this, do you believe in influence? influences a thing. >> do you believe that people are influenced to be gay? >> i definitely believe that there is a huge influence right now. i believe that the gay community has felt invalidated, and left out. and now, rightfully so they want their place, and they should have their place. no doubt about it. but again, why does this need to be imposed on young children?
8:24 pm
>> is it a matter of feeling uncomfortable, in front of lgbtq people? say me, i've been a lesbian as far as i remember. i wish i would've had people in first or second grade, which would've made me feel like i should be ashamed of who i was, i was back then somebody would've told me now, that i was gonna be completely fine. i wish a teacher would've told me, that it would be okay. is it a matter of feeling uncomfortable, is it a matter of parents not wanted their children to meet lgbtq people, and talk about their lives the same way i heterosexual couple would? >> it's not about discomfort. and it's not about being against the lgbtq community, we are not. we are just pro parental rights. we simply do not want to be a alienated from our children's lives, and we also don't want to, as a popular slogan says, co-parent with government.
8:25 pm
>> this idea, repeated again and again, the kids are being put at risk, and that the government is responsible for that, it's a big part of right-wing politics across florida. back in 2019 we and no, paulina luna, confronted kamala harris at a with -- the safety of children at the border. >> you directly impacting what's happened with the children's country, and you are not doing as they're supposed to be doing, by representing women in this country, we -- >> she posted that video on our facebook page, where it's been viewed nearly 2 million times. she is now the favorite in the republican primary race for florida's 13th congressional districts. she's made child sex trafficking at the southern border, a pillar of her campaign. it is an example of a qanon obsession, that has gained traction among some republicans. even as it distracts from the real humanitarian crisis, thousands of migrants are
8:26 pm
facing. >> i didn't know how many people were eyewear of what happens at the border. >> with human trafficking. and those targeted demographic is hispanic women and children, the united states has a huge issue with human trafficking as a whole. you have a lot of people are sometimes lied to, they are promised employment and education, there who come here and they're exploited. and when that exploitation takes place, whether it's sexual labor trafficking. it's gonna help people come here, they have to do the right way, we -- >> typically, when you mention immigration and the u.s. mexico border, you also mention child sex trafficking. >> trafficking in general. that's the main reason i got involved. >> what data, or what numbers do you have to make the allegations that many children that are being migrated to the united states, or also been -- >> targeted for trafficking? >> where does that come from? >> the state department does a report every single year, the
8:27 pm
18,000 women that are, on, average subjected to human trafficking we actually comes from unicef. >> you know steph put out a statement saying that, many people assume the majority of trafficking victims in the united states are undocumented immigrants. but he also said in that same statement, in reality, most domestic trafficking victims are u.s. citizens. this is unicef. >> so, i would like to see where it came from. may -- >> the one i have is actually pretty enough of. >> this is unicef, and also the national human trafficking hotline center, i'll put out a statement saying, i'll stand cheated claims and accusations about child sex trafficking can mislead well meaning people into doing more harm than good. so i guess my question is, as a candidate, when you are making these, but it seems like, without data, baseless allegations that child migrants are crossing the border because they're being exploited sexually, what information are
8:28 pm
you giving your constituents to make actually informed decisions on that? >> i've been out to the border three times, i've talked to countless activists and organizations. if you are trying to say that it's not an issue, -- >> it is an issue, of course is an issue. but to paint the whole u.s. mexico border and shoe -- doesn't that take away from the actual humanitarian crisis that's happening there? >> no, because what happens there, when you're encouraging people to come here illegally, they are exploited in the process. but, to go back to where you are saying, whether it's 200 kids, or 2000, it's too that too many. >> campaigning on the perceived threat to children -- either at the border or in schools -- many of them are disenchanted by the democratic party, or looking for new voices in finding them. >> you are the man, thank you.
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driver in florida. it spends hours driving across the country, and hours listening to spanish language radio and youtube content. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> his favorite show, attracts tens of thousands of viewers every day. >> [speaking spanish] >> the host, alex, it's considered an important ally of
8:34 pm
reuters republican party, attracting the biggest republican stars on to his youtube channel. >> [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] [speaking spanish] >> there are hundreds of sources of misinformation targeting latinos, especially spanish speaking ones. and for alexei's, the conspiracy theories are all true. >> [speaking spanish]
8:35 pm
>> [speaking spanish] >> these conspiracy theories seem to be feeding off each other with force. >> [speaking spanish] >> otoala repeatedly questioned the election results on his show, and now, alexei says the 2020 election was stolen from president trump. >> [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> [speaking spanish] >> julio calls himself a
8:36 pm
disinformation analyst. for the past four years, he has spent hours every day, monitoring it analyzing the kind of information that is being shared on and off line, in south floyd. specifically, what is being shared in spanish. >> why south florida the perfect place for all of these different narratives we push? >> so, you have a lot of different backgrounds for, in the latino community here. you have venezuelans, colombians, cubans. just from everywhere, right? and you can sort of pressure test different messages to see if anything sticks. >> describe it for me. if you turn on the radio, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, what are some of the most common things to hear? >> on the conservative side, it's a lot of -- right now, at least, it's a lot on the education issues. don't say gay, wokeness, crt,
8:37 pm
all that stuff. >> does it spend differently in spanish than an english? >> it spreads the same. sometimes, in spanish, it's a little stickier, right? for example, the socialist messaging, it is one of the most sticking things out there, all democrats are socialists. and all democrats want to turn the u.s. to venezuela or cuba. >> so, in a way, they are weaponizing this communism message towards these different culture wars. >> correct. so, if anybody wants to say anything against any of these bills, right? stop woke, or the crt bill, or anything like that, they're gonna say, oh, there's socialists. they're trying to, you know, turn this into cuba. it's always socialism, socialism, socialism. it's repeated throughout any issue, right? i think really all of this is unfortunate. and it makes people that were once not extreme, extreme. >> [noise] >> that extremism,
8:38 pm
fueled by fear and misinformation, it's not just driving latinos towards conspiracy theories. it also drove a surprising number of them to the january 6th insurrection. >> i'm not a white supremacist. my last name is garcia. so, i'm definitely not fighting for a race. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take,
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8:43 pm
if i could take it back, i definitely would. i wouldn't even go to washington. and the reason is, the impact it has had on my life, such as the, being able to travel. it's just a headache. >> can i see your -- >> it's really big. are you areas for people to see with that? >> yes, i am. i know some people don't care. i see people wear shorts, but to me, it's embarrassing because i've never been in trouble with the law. and i feel what i did doesn't justify wearing this, because i'm not a threat to a certain person, or a flight risk. >> gabrielle garcia is a second generation cuban american, living in miami florida, where he was awaiting trial for this. >> we just stormed the capitol. >> on january 6th, garcia
8:44 pm
livestreamed on facebook as he made his way through the capitol. >> nancy, come on and play! >> you traitor, bleep! -- >> why did you decide to go inside the capitol? >> i saw what was going on. and at the time, i had the max policy to go on facebook, which is 5000. and i kind of had a view which was going on to my followers. but i tell you, one thing, i had no intentions of going into any officers, or down to -- i was mostly in the returned, waiting for them to open the door so i can get out. >> whose house? >> we can hear you yelling, you know, and do ucl same, whose house, whose house? whose house did you think it is? >> it's everyone's house. it's paid for by the taxpayers. it's the governments. and we, the people. that is our house.
8:45 pm
we have the right to be there and protest. that's what i was saying, i wasn't asking for an uprising against congress, or violence against biden or anything like that. and i've heard worse. and not from us. i hear from cops, you guys are pigs. you all need to die. >> you traders! >> you yourself that, traitors, right? >> why did you say that? >> because i felt at the time, they weren't letting us hear our voices, that's what i'm saying, i felt betrayed. >> many people arrested at the capitol, including gabriel, has been connected to the proud boys. the far-right organization, who described themselves as western chauvinists. >> are you a part of that? >> not anymore, i used to be. >> when you associate the term hispanic or latino, with proud boys, or with january 6th, to many people, it is shocking. should people be shocked?
8:46 pm
i mean, what do you think are one of the biggest misconceptions people half of latinos? >> the biggest misconception i'm gonna say, latinos are supposed to be democrat, or according to most democrats, which is false. >> president biden went on tv, and he said, the deadly insurrection was about white supremacy, right? he said that on national tv. which was your reaction to that? >> obviously, it's false. i am not a white supremacist. my last name is garcia. so, i am definitely not there fighting for a race. i'm fighting for my beliefs, as an american, and to have a voice to be heard. >> latinos talk about communism, you're good. >> i know, this is the epicenter of. >> yeah, this is where it is. >> the cuban community. >> coffee? >> for many of the latinos we met in miami, gabriel's political beliefs were shaped
8:47 pm
in part by his family's escape from communist cuba. >> what do you think chances are, when i start to ask you, people around here, there are more republican, or left, maybe? >> i'm gonna say, 90% chance to get more republicans here. like, here, yes. >> have you faced any stigma because of your participation in january 6th, like, when you are seen in public, do people, some even congratulate you? >> some congratulate me. it's not something i am proud of, but all my friends are pretty much open. and everybody i know, in places like this, is having the republican party. >> one of the latinos that also participated in january six, when he was interviewed after, he said one of the reasons he went to washington, d.c. that day, was because of communism. because he feared communism. did that shape at all your drive to the capitol that day? >> i'm not gonna lie. it kind of went through my head.
8:48 pm
>> really? >> i'm not saying because an election was stolen, but just seeing that if there is even some type of fraud in the democratic party, and it was not lot to be investigated. >> how many people that participated in january 6th, from what you know, the conversations you've had, how many latinos that were present that day, do you think, were driven by this fear of communism being the rule in this country? >> i will say, probably, almost all of them. that i spoke to, for example, i met one from nicaragua, where, like, we don't want this to become like nicaragua, where peoples voting could not count, or there's some kind of fraud going on. or, you know, little by little, taking away our rights. >> we heard those same fears about rights being taken away about the potential of fraud in the 2020 election throughout our visits to florida. most bluntly, from congressional candidate, --
8:49 pm
she was nowhere near the capitol on january 6th, but you wants to be sent there by voters in november. >> do you believe that the 2020 election was stolen? >> yes, i believe that president trump won that election, and i do believe that voter fraud occurred. >> i'm assuming, then, you don't believe that presidential biden's legitimate president of the united states? >> i can tell you that joe biden might be sitting in the white house, but i think a lot of people are, if they did vote for him, or regretting that decision. >> it's the same question, do you believe he's illegitimate president? >> no. i think history will show that what's happened in 2020 should not have happened, and i think that president trump will likely run again. and if he does, i will absolutely support him. >> latino voters, as the stress, time and time again, are the largest minority voting bloc. trump made significant inroads in 2020, but do you see that trend continuing? >> yeah, i think there's going to be a massive shift, i think, we're seeing that currently. >> what are you expecting to see in the midterms?
8:50 pm
>> i say, right now, if you have the hispanic voting bloc divided into a third, a third, and a third. so, a third of that leans democrat. a third it leads to republican. and a third that's in between. i think you'll see that one third move to the republican platform. >> this is what we found in florida, as voters head to the polls for the midterms. the fears of the stolen election, the trauma of communism, the complexity of navigating the political landscape, all of that, creating a perfect storm that makes disinformation more infectious. the culture wars, more polarizing, and the republican party, more appealing to certain latino voters. the question remains, what does this rightward shift among latinos mean for democrats? and it does this all mean for democracy itself? >> typically found in florida
8:51 pm
to perspective, and to understand why latinos are gravitating to the republican party out of the midterms, i am joined by msnbc national political correspondent, steve kornacki, and former florida republican congressman. thank you both so much for joining us today. steve, i'm gonna start with you. when you zoom into a place like miami-dade county, how big and how aggressive was this rightward shift among latinos? >> if you just compare the 2016 election, when it was trump versus hillary clinton. and the 2020 election where it was trump versus joe biden, and you take a look at miami date, i mean, miami-dade with sort of the epicenter off in florida, and really, nationally in a lot of ways. the shift we saw among hispanic voters. there are three congressional districts that are kind of based in miami date county. and all of them, between 16 and 20. they basically moved about 20 points from the democrats toward the republicans. there was talk before the election that maybe trump was making some inroads in south florida.
8:52 pm
this was beyond the scope of anybody expected. they there were flipped congressional districts. i know carlos talked about that. a huge population center. these were all districts there, three quarters latino, and they move 20 points towards republicans. >> and are you tracking this rightward shift in freud, this similar pattern that we saw in other latino counties across the country? >> yeah, the other most pronounced pace that we saw was right along the border in texas, where it just, demographically, these are some of the highest concentrations of hispanic voters that you're gonna find anywhere in the country. you can look at some of these candidates in deep south texas, and you are talking about more than 40, 50, 60 point swings from that democrats toward the republicans. and there are other areas in the country where you can just see, ten, 20-point shift. not only in south florida, and the border in texas, two biggest concentrated areas that. >> you know, that was one of the things that are almost everyone told us, that the one pattern that everyone had in
8:53 pm
common was that there were former democratic voters, right? they have been voting for obama, or they have been supporting the democratic party. why do you think so many latinos are disenchanted with the democratic party? >> i think, in some ways, republicans are meeting latino voters where they are at. whether it's for policy, the pandemic policy, education. democrats are trying to meet latino voters where they think they should be that. and something i used to illustrate that point is the term latinx for example. that's something that some white progressive came up with, a term, to say basically, the spanish language, is insufficient. and now, this community is gonna go by this name. republicans are out there telling no, you don't have to be called that. you can be called whatever you need to own a cult. and i think those kinds of cultural issues, while they seem silly, they really help politicians connect with people and republicans are getting that benefit. >> steve, another thing that i think republicans, when would
8:54 pm
they have in their advantage right now, is redistricting, right? specifically in florida. how does redistricting help republicans right now, i think, especially when you are thinking about the district like the district 18th, which we saw on the documentary. >> when you look at the 13th district, the story there is less about hispanic voters. it's about hispanic candidate who may be well positioned to win november because of the way the map was redrawn in florida this year, because every state is rejoining its lands in different ways. but at the 13th district went from on the tattletale toward the democrats, now to one that has a clear tilt towards the republicans. it was redrawn in a way that in any year, would be beneficial to a republican candidate. you add into it the fact that we are in a midterm here, the midterms tend to be a referendum on the sitting president. the white house's party almost always does poorly in much of elections. so, in a district like the 13th, with a change, with the dragon friendly district, and the fact that it's a democratic president in the midterm, it makes that much more favorable combination for the problem
8:55 pm
gained. >> one of the thing, carlos, that's not gonna be a lot that we didn't just see right shift in florida. we saw a radical rightward shift in florida, on many of the characters that we met. do you believe this extremism is starting to become the norm among you, republican latino voters? >> i think a lot of latinos, culturally, are starting to worry about what they perceive as the rapid change of the country. the way the country is opening up, perhaps, being more accepting. i think that's a lot a lot of people, how they would characterize it. latinas, especially those who came to control it because it was for the united states was, and they are identifying with this trumpian message, kind of making america great again. and it's a bit ironic because he wouldn't immediately think that would appeal to new americans. but, in a way, it does. because, they fear that the democratic party is moving too fast, and that they're being one behind. >> thank you both summit fortunately tonight.
8:56 pm
really, really appreciate it. that does it for our first failed report. we're going to continue supporting latina vote to trans and didn't committees across america, after the difference. and bringing you all of those stories and all of the field reports right johnson bc. i am paola ramos. thank you so much. ank you so much. your home insurance, here's a pool party. look what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance... so you only pay for what you need! ♪young people having a good time with insurance.♪ ♪young people.♪ ♪good times.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪
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